five point someone

Much has been written about the book & I’d been long waiting to get my hands on it. The oppurtunity presented itself last night. Liked it so much that read it in two sittings.

The story takes place during 90-94 plus or minus a year. Seems like being in an IIT isn’t that much different than in any engg college & this story of 3 friends going through their 4 years of college evoked many such feelings of my own college life, though I didn’t have that adventurous a life as Hari, Alok or Ryan.

The story does capture much of what an engg student goes through. The Prof asking ‘What’s a machine?’ & Ryan coming up with a gym’s benchpress example, ragging, dating the HOD’s daughter, drinking vodka & smoking grass on the insti rooftop, Ryan’s funny ideas like C2D, stealing the Indem question paper, Alok trying to commit suicide, the guys getting caught almost everytime they do mischief, Prof Vera & his helping these 3 guys – all these events had quite an impact on me. I liked the way there were interludes in the form of italicized chapters of Ryan, Alok & Neha telling the story – soemthing that reminded me of the story told by the Doctor in “Treasure Island”.

Hari & Ryan missing out the convocation while Alok attends it, Hari dreaming about the HOD Cherian coming out clean in public about his son’s suicide & the senti filled pages are some of the loopholes/not-so-good parts of the book. And there are some anachronisms too, events that I thought didn’t happen during the early 90s.

Chetan Bhagat’s got this nice, funny, Indian way of writing & I think I’ll read ‘One Night @ the Call Center” soon. (though people have warned me about the ending having a call with God!)


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