Msft earns some very good points

Hugh at gapingvoid is all praise for Microsoft saying that they helped him correct his WiFi connection to his tablet PC.

Yesterday I posted how I was having trouble with my wifi.

Within a couple of hours I had received a personal e-mail from a Microsoft employee in Texas, a certain Keith Combs. Turns out my post had made it on to the internal Microsoft message boards, and was being passed around.

He called me up last night via Skype, and guided me through everything…

Once we had eliminated all the other possibilities, it turns out there was a problem with the router, which was easily fixed by resetting it and adjusting a few settings on the Tablet.

And finally he adds,

Yes, it was a very very different outcome than what Jeff Jarvis experienced with Dell. Or what if I had run into a problem with Apple? Relatively senior Apple employees in another country interrupting their weekend for some frustrated blogger? How likely would that have been?

Kudos to Scoble & the blogging lot within MS that’s made this possible. Meanwhile, Hugh’s also put up a wiki page of Msft employees who blog. A token of appreciation?


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