The Google AdSense survey

Got a link to Google’s AdSense survey in my mail. Some basic questions lik how was AdSense, the service etc & in the comments section, I’d the following to say :

I’ve identified many sites as scrapers/splogs & reported them to Google. But the replies from the AdSense team always seem to be canned though.

AdSense is a teriffic concept but is being misused by many. Being both an AdSense & Adwords user, I would like Google to offer the publishers/advertisers more transparency –

1) The direct split of each click’s sharings (in case of AdSense)
2) Where each click came from (in case of Adwords)

Methinks that’s the way Google should go.


One Response to “The Google AdSense survey”

  1. Tom Says:

    Google and transparency? You’re having a laugh! For all the AdSense publishers that have been banned for invalid clicks have you ever had a refund to your AdWords account? Thought not. Point proved.

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