Wassup Google’s sleeve?

The Big G's been releasing product after product, service after service for the last couple of years. Most were just flops & a very few were instant hits. And with April 1, 2006 just around the corner, can Google surprise us with something radically new? There have been leaks about a Google Calendar but I think that might just be a diversion. The idea of Google OS sounds good & I'm betting on it being not a desktop OS alone. The OS will work offline but it will have much to do with being online.

After Search, Adwords/Adsense, Mail, Maps, it is time they come up with something great.


3 Responses to “Wassup Google’s sleeve?”

  1. Krithika Says:

    2006 is not as eventful for them as 2004/5. It had better be good, what with competition from everywhere around the world in the form of sleek, elegant services and products that come up every day. Either they are planning something big, or they are in the losing end.

  2. maxiblog Says:

    April 1 came & went. Other than the pranks, nothing from G 😦

  3. Krithika Says:

    Yeah, calm before the storm, maybe?

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