The poor advertisers

This April 1 article was quite hilarious. (we don't do anything like that in Zoho, mind you ;-)). And following a link from the above article lead me to another article which talked about bribing users to post in your forums :

it’s really not that hard if you use Google Adsense. All you really need is for your users to sign up with Google Adsense and then you modify your forum code to allow them to enter their Adsense ID into their forum profile and then have your forum randomly pull that ID a percentage of the time on threads that the user started, thus giving them a share of the revenue from their own posts. I think this is a great way to encourage user activity.

Talking about tricking Google Adsense, here's a spyware-click fraud connection article as published by Ben Edelman that has caused quite a furor. As expected, Yahoo has defended its position but don't know how they defend it with such incriminating evidence. The guns are now being trained on Google. MSN's not visible in this click fraud space because they haven't got any Adsense like Affiliates program yet.

Advertisers, beware of where your money's going. All this talks makes it so scary.


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