Google & Joan Miro

I take Google's side on this matter. Come on, I (and millions of others) got introduced to Joan Miro, thanks to the Google doodle. Anyway, Google could have asked the family though. Other such doodles honoring personalities that I can remember: Ray Charles Robinson, Frank Lloyd Wright (couldn't get it right in the recently held 'The Hindu BusinessLine Quiz 2006 :-(), Andy Warhol, Vincent van Gough & Leonardo da Vinci.


2 Responses to “Google & Joan Miro”

  1. Krithika Says:

    As a quizzer, I learnt those lessons long ago – there is bound to be atleast one question on Google – most probably on Google Doodles. Since my team counts on me for geek questions, I make it point to remember them all.

    And, oh yes, I am with Google on this dispute 🙂 My fav Google Doodles – Ray Charles, Alfred Hitchcock, Michelangelo, MC Escher. (Two hands drawing each other)

  2. maxiblog Says:

    hmm, i did rem the doodle but am not that familiar with wright, hence the goof up. anyway, that wouldn’t have changed anything – we just got 6.5 outa 30 in that bharat epur quiz 😦

    hitchhock, michelangelo r fine too. escher, i don’t rem. will have a look.

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