How Google’s ads can be a spoiler

Found this funny. Jeremy came up with a good 2 cent of his regarding the recent Google-MSN tussle about having MSN search as default in IE7. Liked the post but found the page (with an ad reco'ing Google at the top) funny.



4 Responses to “How Google’s ads can be a spoiler”

  1. Krithika Says:

    I think Google is going the Henry Ford way – “We don’t mind any Search Engine, as long as it’s Google”.

  2. Arvind Says:

    is that u kiki? that coming from a google fanatic? 😉

  3. Arvind Says:

    and u know what? i don’t see any google ad on that post and all of jeremy’s blog like before. dunno if my post was a reason for that.

  4. Krithika Says:

    I am never a fanatic. Just obsessed, may be 😉

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