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Scott Carney  (photo from Dream Chaser) just had a sensitive topic of an one-eyed baby whose deformity is suspected to be due to Cyclopamine, an experimental anti-cancer drug & how collaborative blogging can get the attention of the public, find solutions to such problems (availability of experimental drugs, putting patients at extreme risk etc). Someone (update : it’s Dina) suggested a common tag, couldn’t get which one, so am tagging this cyclopamine.

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3 Responses to “Back to the main auditorium”

  1. Sunil Bajpai Says:

    Taking a cue from you, I added the tag cyclopamine too.

    It might bring together information about similar documented cases involving this drug. If so, it’s useful for the medical fraternity, drug researcher and other interested parties.

  2. maxiblog Says:

    Thanks for the nice gesture, Sunil!

  3. Abhinav Says:

    Just added ChennaiOneEyedBaby as a tag. Cheers!

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