BlogCamp – Post-lunch session, Day 1

Just after lunch is a nice time to socialize. It was a very productive 30 minutes as long as marketing for Zoho was concerned. We got lots of people visiting our booth. Some were in awe with Zoho, many didn’t know we were India based, that too in Chennai. Many have come across us before through sites like TechCrunch. Zoho Writer, Projects, Sheet, Creator all had users. There were enquiries about the apps being free, how we plan to make money, what our future plans were etc.

Just caught a peek of what’s happening in the other hall. Ram Viswanathan was explaining how to podcast. He’d his 3-part interview with Karthi P Chidambaram as the example.

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2 Responses to “BlogCamp – Post-lunch session, Day 1”

  1. allen Says:

    FYI, I just completed an interview with the Zoho evangelist about where the tool is today and where it is going. More importantly he speaks about the security and privacy of your data when you use Zoho tools.

  2. maxiblog Says:

    Hi Allen, thanks! I’m Arvind, from Zoho. We posted about your interview with Raju in our blogs 🙂

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