It’s lunch time at BlogCamp, Day 1

There’s a mouth-watering buffet lunch arranged & am soon gonna have a go at it. Didn’t have breakfast, you see 😦

Update : The lunh was yummy! Liked the dessert – Vanilla icecream from Iceberg with some fruit custard (I think)

Rajan has a good list of bloggers who are live blogging the event (Hi Rajan, am Arvind here). He rightfully worries about too many tags that people (including me) are using. I’m following the posts in technorati with the tag as blogcamp.

Technorati tags : ,


2 Responses to “It’s lunch time at BlogCamp, Day 1”

  1. rajan Says:

    hey arvind,

    the last i heard the tag is blogcamplive. I am using all the possible tags to be on the safer side.


  2. Arvind Says:

    thanks, man! will include blogcamplive to my set of technorati tags

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