BlogCamp : Some personal disappointment/displeasure towards the end

Got a chance to speak on ‘Blogs & Zoho’. My presentation was about how blogs have helped Zoho & how Zoho is helping bloggers by providing easier widgets. Started off with how we track the blogs mentioning Zoho – like using Technorati, Google Blog Search & Feedster – and how we are quick to respond to blogger comments, catering to their needs. Then went on to give some examples of how we link to bloggers who write about Zoho in Zoho blogs, how the bloggers are pleased due to such gestures & how this creates a ripple effect. As specific examples, I used Robin Good making a superb video out of our mute screencast on Zoho Projects & putting it on YouTube, how links from Scoble & TechCrunch sent our traffic soaring, how we got dugg once we got TechCrunched etc. Then gave the examples of the Indian bloggers noticing us when Zoho got mentioned as one of the most innovative companies outside Silicon Valley by Business 2.0.

All this was said in the good spirit of how other corporates can benefit from such practices. Hmm, my point was how important it was for companies to listen to the blogosphere & how Zoho can be seen as a successful case study as a company reaching out to bloggers. But the audience thought I was promoting the Zoho brand & that put a premature end to my presentation. May be, Zoho being one of the BlogCamp sponsors made things more murkier.

I have put my side of it. Your take?

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8 Responses to “BlogCamp : Some personal disappointment/displeasure towards the end”

  1. Sunil Bajpai Says:

    When you present good practices from your own organisation as an example for others, well you’d be seen as promoting your company. And because you are a sponsor, people would think that you got your right to speak because of being one.

    Learning from your experience, if I am ever in your position, I’d start my presentation by asking people if they like to hear about cases studies from my organisation that illustrate what might be good ideas for other organisations? When they say yes, I’d proceed to provide the cases and keep my original question and the answer of the audience always in focus. So we know what is happening.

    Btw, I did check out your website during the presentation, like may other bloggers must have done too. There are some nice widgets that you have.

    Better luck next time.

  2. maxiblog Says:

    Thanks for taking note, Sunil. If my company & what I’m doing isn’t the best case study, what is then? I mean, the whole session was on corporate blogging & instead of taking some company as an example to explain corporate blogging, why can’t I take mine itself? Sriram did that with Microsoft just before me & no one said he’s pitching for his company. Why then me? 😦

    There was talk about how corporates should be listening to bloggers with Dina coming up with past examples like Kryptonite. Here we are in Zoho doing all this & people complain.

    As you say, may be I should have asked the audience before hand about how convenient they would be if I were to discuss corporate blogging with the example as Zoho. That would have saved both my time & theirs.

    And, thanks for your compliments!

  3. Venkatesh Krishnamoorthyw Says:

    I felt that much of your presentation was very focussed on how you used blogs to both get feedback and spread the word about Zoho. You could have set the context better and made people appreciate that this is not about Zoho and more about how blogosphere helps in spreading a concept.

    I think a lot of what you shared is very relevant to others, and it takes enormous transparency to share such stuff with a crowd. The person who made the comment, in my opinion, did not appreciate how much you were sharing. You reacted a bit too defensively, and chose to conclude the session without possibly exploring how others perceived your presentation. Happens in such fora .. I think you should not take it to heart. Keep your good work up at Zoho, and thanks again for sharing your perspective.

  4. maxiblog Says:

    Thanks Venkatesh. It was my first presentation in such an external forum & think it played a part in me not being able to set the context better.

    Thanks again for those kind words, nice to see that there were people like you in the meet there who appreciated what my presentation was all about. As you said, may be I should have clung on asking for support & like-minded views rather than surrendering meekly to a couple of naysayers.

  5. Aswin Says:

    I had a very good time talking to you 🙂

  6. maxiblog Says:

    thanks, Aswin. looking forward to the next unconference 😉

  7. Aswin Says:

    It will happen soon… say in another 4 or 5 months..

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