Kathy on Sucess and Management

from Kathy Sierra

isn’t it about time more companies started offering multiple career tracks, where management is no more valuable or important than the highly-skilled work of an individual contributor? (Sun is a good example of a company that offers two clear paths–one for management, and one for individual contributors who’d rather bathe cats than be a boss.)

What happens when a company gives an employee no option for growth other than management? Yes, lots of individual contributors (even programmers) want the challenge of a management role, but some of the best feel forced into trading the work they love best for more “advancement opportunities”. How senseless is it to take a star programmer and make her do Gantt charts? How lame it is to take your best designer and make him run budget meetings, review TPS reports, and consolidate time sheets?

Wowie! Given the choice, I would stick to evangelizing Zoho by writing blogs, attending unconferences etc than become a manager.


3 Responses to “Kathy on Sucess and Management”

  1. Aswin Says:

    ha ha!! the last line is a nice option

  2. maxiblog Says:

    hey, thanks for dropping by aswin šŸ™‚

  3. Is Zoho turning reddish-blue, and does it say “Moo?” - Small Business Radio Says:

    […] Kathy on success and management (Zoho commented back) […]

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