This one happened almost a month ago. Was in a taxi & the taxiwala had RadioCity on. Being the newest FM station in town, was curious about them & started to listen. They seemed to be slightly offbeat when compared to Radio Mirchi & Suryan FM, the more popular ones. It was real nice when the RJ announced that he’ll be quoting/talking about a book. And was even more surprised when he said the book on that evening’s show would be “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach! Was very much appreciative of the fact that here was a FM station that is talking about famous books at primetime. Of course there were cine songs & ads inbetween. All went well & then came this contest question at the end – Who’s the author of the famous Tamil song ‘Odi Vilayadu Paapa … ‘. The options were a)Subramanya Bharathi b)Vairamuthu c)Pazhani Bharathi.


2 Responses to “RJing”

  1. Suganthi Says:

    Actually, there would be a sizeable number voting for vairamuthu & pazhani bharathi as well. Dont blame the FM alone 😉

  2. maxiblog Says:

    yoiu may be rite. the SMS/mobile phone crowd listening to FM is a very varied lot. don’t know if the RJ announced at the end the percentage split-up of the answer choices that the listeners SMSed like they do for poll results.

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