Google Blogger’s comments setting sucks

Blogger’s comment setting option sucks. The default setting is ‘Only Registered Users’ meaning only those who have blogspot blogs can comment.

This is so mean and very much a trouble for bloggers as it expects a commenter to have a account. And which in turn leads to reduced reader comments as folks having blogs in other blog platforms or who haven’t got a blog cannot comment. And imagine someone who isn’t tech savvy or who is new to blogging. Will he/she visit the comments setting page & do the change?

Even the upcoming Blogger Beta has the same default setting. Are the people concerned at Google Blogger listening?


14 Responses to “Google Blogger’s comments setting sucks”

  1. nandhu Says:

    ya comments section all in all is pretty bad. for weeks, those who had upgraded to beta could not comment on older sites, which was sad.

    and that settings should never be registered users only. it should be anonymous enabled which the users can later change.

  2. maxiblog Says:

    yeah nandhu, blogger beta is worse – think they allow people only with gmail id to register.

    all they have to do is let the default setting allow comments from everyone & have captchas. that way they can avoid bots.

  3. brijeshjanardhanan Says:

    I always end up getting some javascript error on my Firefox! *Puzzling*

  4. qsps Says:

    yeah blogger dude didn’t listening.

    the engineer programmer who made blogger is not too great

    in addition, it is also confusing for me that they can not make WYSIWYG for “read more” just as WordPress.

    c’mon hire other smart programmer for make blogger better

  5. qsps Says:

    I wanna sugest idea to blogger but dot know to addressed.

    in WP I can discuss in forum then email to WP Dude

    and after emai them for a while, this is the reasult / fix / update from WP Dude:

  6. cahjapan Says:

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