Oh, these (HR) Managers

From yesterday’s Metro Plus :

“Simple and neat” is the policy. Dress code includes mild-coloured clothes and polished shoes. Wear your jeans/T-shirt/sandals during weekends. Girls can’t wear flowers, chunky jewellery or haunted-house payals. “I’ve heard all possible excuses for not shaving (the razor broke to `someone said I looked good this way’),” she laughed. “And I have answers for all of them.” Among other stuff, she has a shoeshine kit in the office. Table/bathroom manners are on the syllabus. Clean up after you finish lunch. Eat with your mouth closed. Bring a light, nutritious meal and avoid raw onions. Wash up; don’t wipe post-lunch fingers on paper. In the loo, please don’t splash water. Others have to use it. Her office stacks disposable paper and spoons (routinely pilfered) and there are DON’T notices everywhere.

“I wait till they get their first pay and tell them to visit a dentist and use a mild deodorant. I request them to tone down the religious marks on the forehead. I monitor them so they don’t slide back to their old ways.” “Poor upbringing,” reasoned Nikita.

What the heck? I would like to see the Geethas, the Chitras and the Nikitas stop by our office. Our CEO’s dictum – “Wear slippers, shorts, dhoti, sandals, I don’t care – in fact, the more diversity the better. Let’s just ship great software. ”

And read this Kathy Sierra’s recent post on Managers/Employees.


2 Responses to “Oh, these (HR) Managers”

  1. Venkatramanan Says:

    Read the article yesterday.
    Some of the points in the above article seems to be making sense.
    As they say “Ensure that it’s not offensive to anyone (or atleast the majority!)”
    But when they say “I request them to tone down the religious marks on the forehead” it sounds too much Nosyparking?

  2. maxiblog Says:

    venkat : what is being non-offensive? say you come in shorts and someone (it is usually the HR folks like the ones quoted) gets ‘offended’? i think being non-offensive is very close to being a zombie/robot as kathy says.

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