Nice to spoof/make fun of one’s competitors once in a while, but the Firefox lovers may be taking this a bit too far.

Hmm, the IE team even sent a cake for the release of Firefox 2.0.

All’s fair in war, love, and business I suppose. That too when you are a David and your competitor happens to be a Goliath!

Note : I use and love Firefox! And I’m a part of the Zoho online suite of web services which in a sense competes with (‘complements’ would be a better word) Microsoft Office.


One Response to “ and”

  1. Tom Says:

    This is a brilliant spoof because it could be true. IE7 is an absolute rip off of Firefox – it’s as if Microsoft have just taken Firefox, removed the FF logo and stuck on the IE logo. Blantant copycatting at it’s worst. As if Microsoft haven’t got the money and expertise to develop their own ideas.

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