Google not following its own algo?

Something Suganthi had wondered about in a personal mail – search for company names like Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo etc in Google and the first search result will contain 3 or 4 most probably the most visited/relevant URLs.

Screenshots for some of the searches below :




I don’t know how/why Google does this but whne I searched for Google itself in Google, the results page was different. Now, why this difference?



2 Responses to “Google not following its own algo?”

  1. santhosh Says: is not a portal of any sort.
    All it has is a bunch of searches and services but no content as such.
    Imagine the number of scripts / main-pages at and compare it with OR OR

  2. maxiblog Says:

    Santhosh, thanks for stopping by.

    Though Google varies with respect to other companies as you say, they can easily have links to their important/high-traffic sites like say, etc in a clubbed fashion like what they do for others.

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