Jimmy Wales about Wikia Search being open

To an audience question about whether SEO guys can take advantage of the fact that Wikia search algo is going to be an openly published thing – Jimmy has a dig on closed search algorithms. Says bad guys have a lot of time in their hands and will anyway find workarounds of closed algos too. And he continues with how being open will lead to a good discussion on search, how to improve it etc.

My immediate thought – Linux being open source and how there aren’t viruses/worms as with Windows.


2 Responses to “Jimmy Wales about Wikia Search being open”

  1. Thilak Says:

    Spamming or gaming shouldn’t be concern because its has a digg like thing, where results are rated by users.

  2. maxiblog Says:

    Yep, you are right. Let’s see how Wikia progresses. I think there shouldn’t be many problems. Afterall Wikipedia survived (and survives) with all the spamming/vandalism going on.

    One thing to be said – the ratings have got their own disadvantage. I’ve seen very good stories in digg getting buried.

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