Wikicamp afternoon sessions

Afternoon, the proceedings got split – with workshops in the auditorium and presentations in the first floor. A couple of presos on Tamil & Wikipedia. ‘Tamilootru’ sounded interesting. And it was nice seeing a good amount of activity on the Tamil Wikipedia/Wikionary front.  Nice hearing the procedure they follow for English words in Tamil. Like say bus is perundhu in tamil and this is a well – known word, so adopt it. But for Wiki or podcast, how do they go about? They leave wiki as wiki as they consider it as proper noun. For podcast they may be looking for translation or transliteration. And they have a Google group where they offer suggestions.

Sowmya Karmali‘s session of how she’s been using Wikis in her work was real good. Sowmya gave examples of how Wikis were used in the Grameen Banlk/ micro financing project and in a college code jam. Real nice insights of how Wikis can combine together project management, mail & bug tracking.  On the whole, her thoughts reflect Andrew McAfee’s on channels vs platforms.

Atul Chitnis is on now. Talking about how to create websites out of Wikis – is a Wiki & he’s giving shell scripts etc for how to do it. Too geeky for me but then this is a geeky crowd and most would understand it, I suppose.

And hey, they are giving out RedBull for free. How cool 🙂


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  1. Tauro Says:

    Not so bad as earlier.

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