Wikicamp concludes

It was again a good show by the organizers, TKF. Great show, folks! And it was nice meeting a lot many people, many of whom now seem to know Zoho!

My personal opinion of the event – it got a little overshadowed by Wikipedia, given the huge popularity it enjoys among the masses and the larger-than-life presence of Jimmy Wales, however down-to-earth he actually looked. That said, there were a few interesting sessions discussing about Wikis in enterprises, Wikis in regional languages, comparison of Wikis to blogs etc.

Photos of the event here and here. To digress a bit, was a little surprised today morning when Flickr suddenly held a notice saying the free account allows only the last 200 photos to be visible. Hmm, never knew of this clause. Not sure what happens to my old photo links, that too with the March 15 deadline approaching where you will have to merge your ‘old skool’ flickr account with your Yahoo account. Think I’ll be uploading photos to a service like bubbleshare till I get this sorted out.


2 Responses to “Wikicamp concludes”

  1. Suman Paul Says:


    Flickr has applied 200 image limit quite a long time back. It will show only the recent 200 images, although your previous images will be retained you will not be able to see it. If you upgrade to pro account the images will be restored automatically.
    I am not sure there are any further development after this.


  2. Aswin Anand Says:

    We can also migrate to

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