A little tip for a better reading experience

Almost all websites from technical publications to newspapers depend on advertisement revenue. And much of this depends on the number of page views they get from their readers. The more page views a publication gets the more it can demand from its advertisers. So a trick most websites follow is to divide an article into multiple pages. And if you are to read the whole article, you will have to keep clicking on the small 1, 2, 3 or ‘Previous’, ‘Next’ links/buttons at the bottom.

What I do when I see such multi-page articles is to look for the ‘Print’ button or link on the page. Almost all websites provide you this and it is usually at the article’s top or bottom. Clicking on it will get you the whole article on a single page. This will save you the many clicks and give you a better reading experience. I see the print button as a little ‘live’ TiVo of sorts as it gets rid of advertisements in most instances as well 😉

A typical example : The regular URL of an article by Malcolm Gladwell in The New Yorker. And its print URL.

This is a little tip am sure many of you must be using or have used unknowingly. I searched in Google blog search and didn’t come across any blogger mentioning this before, hence the post. My 2 cents in increasing one’s productivity 🙂


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