On Businesses embracing Office/Sharepoint, shunning Vista

Ben Worthen has an interesting post at the WSJ blogs titled, “Businesses Embrace Office, Shun Vista” pointing to a recent survey done by Forrester Research. The following paragraph caught my attention.

Businesses are moving to Office because they want to use another Microsoft product: SharePoint, software that helps workers manage and share information. Eighty-seven percent of the businesses Forrester surveyed say they’ll buy SharePoint within the next 12 months. Collaboration is hot these days, and SharePoint gives information-technology departments a tool they can offer as an alternative to Google Apps, Zoho, MySpace or whatever other technology workers find on their own.

A couple of inferences from the above. 1) It is Sharepoint as an alternative & not the other way around. And 2) 87% of the businesses  (the ones who are in charge of buying software for these businesses) are to buy Sharepoint inspite of their employees finding on their own & using Google Apps, Zoho or other new technologies.


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