From the Ask Jack (Jack Schofield @ The Guardian) Column

Sharing words online, via Word documents

I work collaboratively with a group of colleagues. We wish to work on a common Word document hosted online. Andy Godden

JS: There are several online word processing systems that will enable this, as long as you don’t require too much compatibility with Microsoft Word files. I think Zoho Writer is probably your best bet (, but ThinkFree, Google Docs and Adobe Buzzword are also worth a look.

Liked the way Zoho Writer got precedence over others! Are you using Zoho?


3 Responses to “From the Ask Jack (Jack Schofield @ The Guardian) Column”

  1. Madhav Says:

    Hi ,

    I see you write about internet and technology often, if you get time register with for a publisher(blogger) account. They are looking for more active bloggers like yourself.


  2. brijeshjanardhanan Says:

    Are you part of Zoho?

  3. Arvind Says:

    Brijesh : Yes, I am

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