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What’s it with ‘The NYT’?

April 1, 2007

Other than the recent sari episode, seems Shashi Tharoor’s getting flake for his op-ed on cricket. Just felt like reading the article and searched for shashi tharoor cricket in the NYT. Followed up this link there and it gave an abstract saying you should cough up $4.95 to read that single article of the great Shashi’s in full. But then a blog post (sorry, am not able to find which one) listed another link to the same story clicking on which I was asked for my free NYT registration and was directly taken in to the whole piece.

Oh yeah, as regards Shashi’s opinion on Americans not liking / not able to understand cricket, has he put theĀ  question to himself of how many Indian cricket fans would like / follow baseball? Given India’s recent dismal performance and assuming baseball takes root here, he will have a piece on how westernised (oops, cricket is western too but who cares) the world’s becoming, of how when he visited his homeland the last time he was pained to see teenagers weilding baseball bats etc.


A ‘What happens when …?’ situation in Cricket

December 17, 2006

This happened yesterday in the ongoing test between India and SA. Kallis was running in to bowl to VVS Laxman when a bird flew right in front of VVS. Kallis stopped his run-in andĀ  the ball was declared dead. Now, what would have happened if he had delivered the ball and VVS had got out due to the bird obscuring his vision or diverting his attention? Or what if the ball had hit the bird and then chopped the stumps (or hitting the pads with the batsman plumb in front or the batsman nicking it?) Nice situation, huh? It would be good hearing cricket rules for such odd situations from umpires/cricket gurus.

Ice hockey, yes, ice cricket?

November 17, 2006

Yep, seems it is happening too. This blog post reports that there is a Ice Cricket World Cup happening in the Estonian capital Tallinn for the last three years!